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NeighborWorks Works - a weekly newsletter highlighting the NeighborWorks network
Earth Day 2018: Supporting healthy, energy-efficient communities
Forty-eight years ago, 22 million Americans celebrated the first Earth Day, drawing large-scale attention to the importance of clean air, land and water. Gaylord Nelson, former Wisconsin governor and U.S. senator, created Earth Day to highlight environmental issues at the national level. Soon after, in December 1970, Congress authorized the creation of a federal agency to tackle environmental issues, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
"The Congress, the administration and the public all share a profound commitment to the rescue of our natural environment, and the preservation of the earth as a place both habitable by and hospitable to man," wrote President Richard Nixon in his message to Congress about establishing the EPA.

Today, Earth Day is a global event. According to organizers, more than 1 billion people in 192 countries take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world. The focus for 2018 is elimination of plastic pollution, in addition to other issues that affect the health of communities.

To keep families healthy and safe, NeighborWorks America and its more than 245 member organizations provide resources, tools and training to help communities invest sustainably in energy-efficient, affordable housing and support activities that promote environmental responsibility.
Community development makes gardens grow
Dwelling Place, a NeighborWorks network organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is fostering resident leadership, healthy eating habits and community engagement by creating collective gardens at many of its rental properties.
Nation's first certified zero-net-energy rentals home for farm workers
In California, where residential rental costs have significantly outpaced income growth, housing for agricultural workers and their families has long been at a crisis point.
ClimateCARE: Engaging a vulnerable community to face climate change threats
Pollution, rising sea levels and climate change threaten East Boston, Massachusetts. The majority of the 40,000 residents in the neighborhood are immigrants and people of color who face social, economic and linguistic barriers to understand and cope with these issues. To address this challenge, a NeighborWorks network organization, the Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH), has been devoted to East Boston community engagement in environmental stewardship and resiliency for 20 years.
NOAH provides guidance, including holding an upcoming Flood Prevention Design Workshop in May, to discuss climate resilience strategies designed to help residents prepare for and prevent storm-surge flooding.  Learn more about NOAH's resources.
It's National Volunteer Week: April 15-21
National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 and serves as an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the significant work of volunteers and the powerful impact of their service on the challenges in our communities.

To learn more and find out about volunteer opportunities in your area, the Points of Light organization's website provides helpful resources.
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