The chief business of the American people is small business.
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Small businesses start and grow with help from NeighborWorks members
In January 1925, U.S. President Calvin Coolidge told a gathering of newspaper editors that the "chief business of the American people is business." "Silent Cal" wasn't praising business solely for its ability to generate wealth; he also understood the overall social benefit for education, research, infrastructure, and the general health, wellness and prosperity of all Americans.

"So long as wealth is made the means and not the end, we need not greatly fear it," Coolidge added following his now-famous quote. Nearly 100 years later—particularly as we recognize National Small Business Week (April 29-May 5)—Silent Cal's musing could be tweaked just a bit: The chief business of the American people is small business.
According to figures released this year by the Small Business Administration, small businesses—the definition of which varies by industry—account for 99.9 percent (30.2 million) of all U.S. enterprises and employ 47.5 percent of the private-sector workforce (58.9 million people). Firms with fewer than 100 employees make up the largest share of small-business employment. Eight million of the businesses are minority-owned.

NeighborWorks and its network of more than 245 member organizations contribute significantly to the success of small businesses, providing a variety of educational and financial resources. In fiscal year 2017, the network extended 1,532 commercial loans to small businesses, entrepreneurs and other nonprofits, an investment of more than $749 million.
Startup benefits from BCL of Texas coaching and lending
Following a backpacking trip through South America, an Austin, Texas, resident was inspired to try to bring responsibly sourced, handmade shoes and other leather goods from Peru to customers in his home town and elsewhere.

With the help of financial support and training from NeighborWorks member BCL of Texas, Evan Streusand realized his vision, founding Fortress of Inca, which sells shoes manufactured by fairly paid artisans in Peru. 
NeighborWorks member in Boston forms partnership to aid entrepreneurs
Starting a small, locally owned business is difficult anywhere, and it's certainly true in Boston, Massachusetts, neighborhoods undergoing revitalization. Creative entrepreneurs often lack the funding, support and influence they need.

To address this gap, NeighborWorks member Nuestra Comunidad joined forces with another nonprofit, Epicenter Community, to run Accelerate Boston, a program designed for entrepreneurs looking to launch a business venture.
Nonprofits benefit from report cards too
Donors and policymakers want to know the nonprofits they fund are viable and effective. That's the reassurance offered by NeighborWorks America's organizational-assessment process. 
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